The Unanswered Questions:

We need to know how these new polluters of the Potomac affect our local fish populations, show up in our water supply and, ultimately, our drinking water. Most of all, we need to know if and how these chemical compounds affect human health.

Potomac Conservancy is calling on Congress for more research funding and accountability from the government agencies responsible for water quality and health protection.

Petition: I am deeply disturbed by the high percentage of male fish found with eggs in the region's rivers and streams. I am also very concerned about the presence, in these same waters, of contaminants that can disrupt hormonal systems and development. Approximately 90% of the DC area's drinking water supply originates in the Potomac River, so it is critical for human health that we keep harmful chemicals out of our rivers and streams. Read More. Is it Safe? What's in our water? What Can I Do? Sign Our Petition